Monday, 1 April 2013

Camp in April

So I made a decision last month, one I've tried to do in the past but have yet to succeed at, but i'm going to try again. After talking to a couple of my friends the convinced me to take part in Camp Nano, my biggest challenge is going to be my focus as I know that in November I'm fine i can focus on my writing and stay connected to my characters all the time, but normally the rest of the year if concentration is lacking. I don't really know the reason behind it, it just happens.

Since I made the decision closer to the end of the month, I didn't really have much time to plot anything out, which really worried me. I'm not the type of person that has to plot everything out (unless the story is one that has to be), but i normally at least have some kind of simple outline of characters and the setting and a brief idea of what the climax is to be. The more I found myself panicking of not having anything like that and the end of the month coming quickly, I found myself talking to one of my friends saying that I may not take part in April due to lack of an idea. She suggested I try doing a prompt table, I've done one before and I was amazed by the different prompts that were on it, some were challenging to write, while others were easy and some I just couldn't come up with an idea for.

In the end I agreed and since only two Bingo tables were doing sign ups at the time, both being similar I signed up for one and got my card the next day. I told myself that I wanted to make it challenging so I decided that I would combine my card with another one, I wrote out a list and then asked a friend to pick 25 numbers between 1 and 55 (since that was how many prompts I had written down) without repeating one. She willingly agreed after she picked the numbers that were surprisingly not in numerical order, I began filling them in on a table. To make it an even bigger challenge this month I decided that I wouldn't write a single original fic for any of the prompts (yes you read that right, this month is strictly fanfics) and I wouldn't preplan any of them.

At 12am on the first I looked at my table for the first time since I had got and made the table, I randomly picked one of the prompts and started writing. By the end of the first day I had managed to not only write just over 4k but I was almost finished writing the first draft of the story. I'm actually very proud of that, as most of my first draft short stories are more like 500 words to 1,500k, so 4k is quiet the defeat, even more so since its a fandom.

It's now the beginning of the second and I'm finished the story, and picking out the next prompt(s) to begin the next story and i'm hoping that this one goes as well as the last.

*crosses fingers* Here's to hoping that this month goes better then my first attempt at Camp back in 2011, which went horribly, since I couldn't focus in the least.