Thursday, 24 January 2013

A really good scare!!

I got a good scare last night. I was sitting back reading when my phone rang. It was my dad, which surprised me as he only calls around my b-day. I answered and he told me that my grandpa had a heart attack at 12:30 am that morning. In that moment I thought my heart stopped, I dropped my book.

He informed me that grandpa had a heart attack that was caused by a blood clog in his heart. As my heart began to break down and i could feel the tears welling up in my eyes, he then decided to tell me that he was admitted to the hospital. At that point I wanted to scream, why didn't he tell me that part first?

I got a call earlier today from him, saying that my grandpa is doing better to the point that he was joking around with the nurses in the hospital. I smiled at that, he's the type of guy that likes to kid and joke around a little with people.

A part of me feels heart broken knowing that we could have lost him. I know he won't be around forever and I accept that, I'm hoping and praying that he'll be around for a while longer. My older sister and I discussed making a trip out to see him in the summer. I've decided that starting tomorrow (pay day) that I'm going to start putting money away every pay week, to go towards the trip as it'll cost $460 (if I remember correctly that was both ways). I'm positive that if I stick to my savings for the trip, by the time it comes I should have the cost of the ticket, food and extra.

Knowing that he's doing better I'm trying to finish reading this book tonight. Wish me luck.

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