Monday, 26 November 2012

YEAY Word Goal!!!

I didn't know what to write about today, at least for this post that is until about 20 minutes ago. You must be wondering what happened 20 minutes ago that gave me the idea as what to write about for tonights post, well that would be... *waits for complete silence* I completed my word goal for this year. *does happy dance*

I never thought I would get it done so fast, but its all thanks to everyone cheering me on and the endless encouragement from my fellow authors. Everyone in Calgary was quite helpful especially when I was having difficulty with what I was writing at the time (1 of 3 different novels) I'm happy that I know all of you, even if we only really talk during NaNoWriMo.

I'm excited as this means that not only did i get my word count which need to be celebrated in its self, but also that I bribed myself twice this year, which means that I get both of my bribes. I had people ask me why i needed to be bribed twice, well that's a simple. The first one was to guarantee that I would get to the 50K word goal while the other was to get me to the 75K word goal I set for myself.

My two prizes being of course, two new books for my ereader, which I already have picked out (Blackveil by Kristen Britain & Santa Clawed by Rita Mae Brown) and the second being reactivating my Netflix account (which i haven't used in a year, I had cable for the past year so I didn't need it). However I will not purchase the two books or activate my account until the first of December as I want to continue to write for the last 4 days to see how far into the plot i can get, which won't be to far with my work schedule this week.

Words Written Today: 2,772
Total Word Count: 75, 408

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