Thursday, 15 November 2012

What I'm only 1/3 away from reaching my goal?

Today I attended the write in and when I first entered I was sitting just short of 48k when I left not 1hr and 30 min later I had just over 50k. Yeay for me, but I'm more curious to know how I had managed to write over 2k in that time frame. I normally can only fire out just over 1, 300k in an hour, so how did i get over 2? Well either way I'm now 1/3 from reaching my goal which means I'm 2/3's done. I'm so excited I was practically jumping out of my chair at the library tonight when I thought I would do a quick check to see how much more I needed to reach my 50k.

A couple of my ML's that were still there anyway were excited for me as well, one told me that this weeks regional email at one point was even written about me, mainly about evil glares about everyone else having to catch up. I had to explain to here that my goal this year is not the usual 50K but rather 75k, after hearing that she then understood why I was ahead and said that she would cheer me on even more.

Tonight's write in went a little short as we normally head to the closest coffee shop to continue writing after the library closes, but tonight it seems that everyone had other things to do. It's not a bad thing for us to cut it short, I just feel kind of bad since a couple of people are behind and they are always saying "I write better during the write in's than any where else." I was willing to take a couple of people to the coffee shop to continue writing, but they chickened out since no one else was willing to go, so instead of going on my own where I know I will be continuously disturbed, (due to all my old regular customers wanting to know how I am) I thought it best to come home.

Words Written Today: 2,443
Total Word Count: 50,394

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