Thursday, 8 November 2012

What book two?

As I had said near the end of yesterday's post that my muse for my first story just up and left which was a serious downfall for me especially since I was only 20K into the story. Normally when my muses leave its when I'm just past the middle of the story when the conflict shows through and I'm usually trying to figure out the best way to write it. I spent at least 15 minutes trying to figure out what had happened or how to continue writing, but without the muse it ended up being a total fail. So instead I ended up starting my second novel for the time being, at least until my muse comes our of hiding.

My second novel is a fantasy as well, so no real change there. The downside is that while i was working I had come up with this idea in which i didn't get to write it down so i ended up forgetting parts of it. (I plotted this one two days before Nov.) I know its to be a fantasy, I just cant remember as to why or how. I'm sure I'll figure it out as I write it. 

With this new story I'm attempting something I normally never do and that being my main characters being twins. When any of my stories has a set of twins, its usually side characters ones that don't have a real impact on the story line, so this is a real change for me and I'm curious to see how it goes. I know nothing really about twins except that there said to be really close, which gives me a great amount of leeway when writing as I don't have to stick to the stereo type at all. 

I know I'm posting this late as this was the post for yesterday, so I'm posting it now. I was so busy writing that I completely forgot about it till I looked at the clock. 

Have you ever had a muse simply walk off on you? Has anyone else lost track of time? 

Words Written Today: 3,152
Total Word Count: 28,277

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