Friday, 2 November 2012

The Cat and The Words

My cat is really crazy, I'm sitting here trying to write and he's stealing my socks from my laundry. Not only that but he's keeps getting into all sorts of trouble, oh well that's what i get for having a cat. Darn spray bottle doesn't really do anything any more, i think the most fun he's having tonight is playing with my hair. By tomorrow I'm sure it will be standing up all over again, since he plays with it all night, the odd part is its the only time he doesn't use his claws on me. I also think i should move that tree of his, he climbs onto the top lays down so his paws drap over the sides and stares at my screen and if he doesn't like what i'm writing he grabs my head phone.

(Day 2)

So last night i managed to get in a total 6,229 words which is way more than i was expecting. To reach my goal I have to write at least 2,500 words per day so I managed to write two days worth of writing in only the first day. I was amazed to see that when i figured it out when i got home from work today (I went to bed after I got home from the write in yesterday.)

Tonight wasn't as productive as I had to do a bunch of running around after work but I still managed to shoot out 8161 words. Tomorrow I'm sure will be more productive as I'm coming home right after work.

How did your second day go? Did you reach your daily goal?

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