Saturday, 24 November 2012

Still no climax

So I'm happy to say, that I am still writing the first book to my series and my muse is still going strong. Even though its going so well I still am discovering things about my characters and there background. I am still enjoying writing this book and I'm sure once its done, I'll want to continue on writing the rest of the series.

I have noticed however that one of the main things that I'm missing is the major climax to the story. I know bits and pieces that lead up to it, but its piecing it all together that seems to be the major issue. The climax its self is man vs monster and man vs astral/celestial, the monster aspect is easy, its the man vs astral that seems to be giving me the major issue. As soon as I write out the background aspect on the two major races of my story, I'm sure I'll figure out what sparks the original conflict that leads them to the conflict that they have to deal with now. 

This has to be my most uneventful day of writing so far, as i haven't even broken 500 words yet.

Have you come across anything that your story is still lacking? 

Words Written Today: 250
Total Word Count: 69, 297

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