Sunday, 18 November 2012

Smack...a new story on Day 18

Today I went and had a late lunch with my family to celebrate my mother's and cousins birthday. It was actually nice to go and see everyone that I haven't really talked to since Canada Day, so I got to find out how everyone is doing. The lunch its self was good as well, beside a couple minor mistakes that the waitress which weren't actually her fault as the people in the kitchen were the ones that told her that it was our tray. We all had something different, and it was a mix of both breakfast and lunch among us. 

Today was Manitoba's second Virtual Write In, and only one other person showed up for it besides me, I don't know if its a good thing or a bad thing. I knew that some were getting together at a coffee shop this evening as I was invited as well, but didn't go since the internet there cuts in and out, which makes it kind of hard to run a write in. So I stayed home instead, I was highly distracted during the word wars because someone I know who's small and fuzzy insisted on being bad (my kitten, get your heads out of the gutter) each time. So I put him in a time out, which seemed to help as he went to sleep. 

I decided to pick up and write a story that's been poking at my brain for a while, and since its one of a series I figure it wouldn't be a bad thing to work on it since I'm having all these problems with my stories that I had originally planned for NaNo. This story is a bit more interesting as I find it entertaining to see how my character is going to respond to everything that happens around her. I think my favorite part is the scene when my MC first meets her real father for the first time and he's taking the round about way of telling her who he is...and since she figures that he's joking with her she smacks him good and hard. Then only to be saved by him, his friend and two guards. Now he has to tell her the truth, but he doesn't know the best way to do so.

I think I will end this night with a movie to help me wind down before bed, I have no idea which movie, but a good one. 

Words Written Today: 2,788
Total Word Count: 55,642

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