Monday, 5 November 2012

Slow start and a speady recovery

So I had today off and figured I would spend it doing laundry and writing, well I had a really slow start. By 2pm I may have written 200 words since 9:30am, I admit that's not a bad start for me as I do better in the evening than I do in the day time.

Earlier today I came back from getting another cup of coffee from the kitchen to discover my cat laying on my keyboard and not only did he turn on the Caps Lock but he had written over a page of random letters on the screen. I was thankful that he hadn't touched the backspace or delete button, but I had to erase everything he put on the screen before I could make another attempt at writing.

Shortly after I gave myself a real good scare as I had bumped my table where my coffee was sitting causing it to splash on the table, normally I wouldn't care but this time i did as my usb stick got the most of the coffee, I am thankful though as it was just the cover that got wet not the inside.

Normally in the month of October when I'm busy plotting and getting everything ready for November, one of the major things that I do is write out a bunch of names on a piece of paper, so when I'm writing and i have to introduce a new character that i hadn't named I can pick a name for them from the list. This year I completely forgot about it, so while i was writing last night and i had a character pop up I realized I had no name for his character. Since this character is not one i'm going to be killing off anytime soon and will be making repeated appearances I thought I would give the character a name. When I couldn't think of one, that's when i realized having that paper full of names came in handy, each year even if i only used one name off the sheet.

I took a good 10-15 minutes and scribbled a bunch of names down in a notebook so that i would have them in case I ran into a similar problem later on during the month. 

Did you forget something when plotting before the first? What time of day do you find better for writing?

Words Written Today: 5,279
Total Words Written: 21,176

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