Sunday, 11 November 2012

Quite the eventful day

Alright So I'm actually ahead of where I need to be come Wednesday night, so yeay for that. Even though I struggled this year with my story which is something I never have a problem with, and after a couple of days writing the beginning of my second story did my muse come back reformed and shaped. This new idea seems to be going a lot better than the original, and I'm much happier with it as well.

I had to day off of work, which is surprising since its the weekend and I always work the weekend, but I'm glad to have it off as I can make up for the days I only had a couple hundred words for when i was working and couldn't get much done. I didn't get the greatest start today as i thought I would have besides setting my self up last night for a fight, I just didn't start writing that scene until around 3pm today.

Today Manitoba hosted the first virtual write in, and at first i would say that it kind of sucked as it was only me and one other person than once it was to be done did two more sign in for almost two hours. I was surprised as this is probably the first time that Manitoba's chat has had more than 2 people in it at a time.

My crazy little quirks that my characters had taken on in the first version seem to have stuck around with their new versions as they them selves haven't actually changed just the plot its self. I also seem to have different races in this story, which I didn't have before.

I brought in this new character which is a strange dwarf from my MC's guild hitting on her, but not getting anywhere. My MC is a elf that was raised by dragons when she was small, then was left alone when she was only 6 and now she's about 17 or so (i haven't really picked an exact age for her yet), who wields 2 twin swords that she's able to speak to and are able to respond back.

Is it strange for a character to be able to talk to objects which actually answer back through telepathy? How's your word count going? Are you ahead or behind your appointed goal?

Words Written Today: 7,035
Total Word Count:  40,000

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