Sunday, 4 November 2012

My Crazy Day that ended in tears

When I was trying to close up the store today, I couldn't get the pins in the door to move. (Our store still has the old sliding doors that have to be pined before you can lock the doors.) I put my key in figuring that maybe it wasn't completely unlocked this morning. nope that wasn't it, I tried jiggling them loose, nope that didn't work (I did a few times) I finally gave up and called my manager to ask what i should do, since its never happened to me before. After explaining to her what's happening (I went back to jingling the pins again) and before I can even ask what i should do, the pins finally moved. A part of me wanted to jump for joy, that is until I saw what time it was it took me 10 minutes to get that door locked, and i still had to cash out. I got out 30 minutes later than i should have, I was a little annoyed as this was 30 minutes out of my walking time which meant it would become time out of my writing this evening. Argh... and to add to this evening disaster, I managed to be slowed down by every red light the entire way home. I'm thankful that its all over and I get tomorrow off which means that if i don't get all my words written tonight I can focus on getting completely caught up tomorrow.

After doing my challenge yesterday of flipping my character persona's I find myself liking the out come. I was thinking about it on my way to work and I think I'll leave them the way they are at least for now, if i find that there not going the way i wanted them to, i can always flip them back. Yesterday I finally wrote my first fight scene, I'm not really sure what I think of the outcome of how it looks but I'll do a better job when I edit it. As for tonight's writing, my main focus a town on fire which leads to the corniation of the newly appointed queen. The hardest scene I'm probably going to write this year is the death of a 6 year old child that rushes into save my protagonist. I barely knew about this child, I started crying while I wrote this scene tonight.

Words Written Today: 2862
Total Words Written: 15000

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