Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Day 27 Betaing?

I'm still really happy about meeting my word count last night, I'm still writing the story when I am not working. For the few of you that read some of my earlier posts know that I have trouble focusing during the day, which is why I find I write more in the evening time.

I was rather surprised today when I checked my emails after I got home from work, not 1 but 3 people that i happen to beta for are poking me to get started on some of there stuff. One inparticualr sent me a couple of chapters before November. While the others are sending me stuff now.

A part of me is happy that they hadn't gone and found a new beta, while the other part of me is asking why now? I told them that I wouldn't be betaing anything until December first and last time i checked I still had 3 more days till then, which makes me wonder if maybe there stalking me. If they are I wonder how, since none of them know my real name unless they have been watching my word count on the nano website.

Words Written Today: 120
Total Word Count: 75,528

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