Sunday, 25 November 2012

Day 25 (The Human and Astral's background)

Today was quite the eventful day, it wasn't overly busy at work but once it got busy it didn't let up until half an hour before I was done. Oh well that two and a half hour rush helped time go by fast, which made it worth while.

After finally settling down to do some writing after dinner, I found myself trying to figure out the right way to word this one scene about this blood sucking bush (yes you read that right). It looks just like a normal bush, well I described it more as a rose bush only without the actual roses. 

After some basic talking and etc, I finally got to the scene I've been waiting on as it now brings my MC into the major plot of the story. I also thought it best that the character to put the plot idea (the background behind the two races) into her head was better fit by her real fathers friend, instead of her father that I had been contemplating about since last night. The next scene is about preparing for her journey (as she has no where really to go) and where she's going to go, I have a couple ideas for that, but I'm still playing around with both.

I'm contemplating on a couple different things about my MC, i know that she's a genuine Lady, but that doesn't mean that I can't have her helping out the maids and such when she has nothing else to do. As I look back at the way she acts the entire time in the book when she's not crying (only two to three times) she doesn't really seem to mind lending a helping hand, and she seems to know different ways to calm others down (which is already explained in the book, good old trait of persuasion). I really need to figure out this part before i get to far into the story as this is the part that will tell me of what kind of personal obstacles she has to over come during the over all plot.

I decided after talking to a couple friends of mine last month, that I would try out Scrivener come December. I know like when I get any new programs I like to play around with them until I find the best way that I will enjoy using which is why I thought best not to use it for NaNoWriMo this year. So I'm going to use it for the editing process of my novel and well see how it goes, I'm sure it will go well after hearing all the hipe about it from different people.

Words Written Today: 2,735
Total Word Count:72,071

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