Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Day 20 and still going strong

Today not only did my MC get to meet some new characters, but to my surprise a couple of them end up being her half brothers. One seems excited to have her as a sister, while the other I'm not to sure about yet as he was only in one scene and he was a little bossy. My MC's love interest has already started to show his true feelings for her, which isn't to happen till much later in the novel, which kind of threw me for a loop. Well they were suttle hints, and the only ones that seem to have noticed are his family, so I think it won't end up to bad if i leave them in there.

My original plan was for my MC was to return to the human world after spending 2 days with her real father and his family, finding it uncomfortable for her to stay there. However since I started writing today, I have been thinking of letting her stay for a couple extra days to feel accepted by her family and for her love interest's feelings to grow a bit more. I have a character that has yet to make an appearance that adds some unwanted tension on her, which makes her feel that returning to the human world wouldn't be a bad thing.

Who knows if I'll stick to this idea, since they seem to change day by day. I can however say I'm really excited about writing this series, since i never write this kind of story. My fantasy stories are usually filled with dragons and such, while this one deals more with celestial's, humans, monsters and the very rare sorceress. 

Is there a difference between what your writing for NaNo and what you normally write? 

Words Written Today: 4,757
Total Word Count: 64,757

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