Monday, 12 November 2012

Cookies, Biscuits and Characters

So I had the day off again, which was a surprise I normally work Monday's so I spent it doing... yup you guessed it writing, well I was writing off and on, but either way it's words all the same. I stopped writing at 4:30pm to go and do some light baking, which I really had a craving to do. I made my favorite oatmeal white chocolate chip cookies which are so good, I couldn't resist to eat some of the dough (I know you shouldn't but I just couldn't resist) while I was placing them on the tray. While my cookies were cooling, I went along and made Herb, garlic and cheddar biscuits which turned out really good, I may have over cooked them by a minute or two but in my defense I've never made biscuits before. I don't know why I wanted to bake today, i just felt like doing it from the time i woke up till the time i actually got around to doing it.

I'm kind of surprised by a couple of things that happened in my writing today, for one being it took me 40 minutes (2 x 20 min word wars) to write a single flash back scene of when my MC first arrived at the guild and during that scene I discovered something about the dwarf in my story (yes this is the same one that continues to hit on my MC) that he was afraid of girls when he was younger, and the reason behind it has something to do with a character named Jara, who I haven't introduced in the story yet. Also it seems that my bartender Kavan has had a crush on my MC since he first saw her. I also discovered later on that Kavan can't hold his liquor what so ever and did he do what I think he did?

I think the most interesting thing about writing this memory scene was when I decided that she was going to arrive with really shaggy unkept hair, overly large clothes on which made her appear frail if not half starved and that she spent the last few years growing up not only with her dragon family, but the fact that the only town on the island and no one in that town wanted her around. I also realized for a magician I don't know what her power is, all I know is that it may or may not have something to do with why she can wield the twin swords. But I'm leaning more to not cause she didn't have them when she first arrived at the guild so I'm kind of thinking that she has some other type of power, just don't know what it is yet. 

Have you discovered anything new about your characters while writing? What do you think her power should be? (I'm really open to suggestions, cause I really don't have any kind of clue)

Words Written Today:  6,000
Total Word Count: 46,000

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