Saturday, 3 November 2012

A rant & a twist

I get this really annoying customer a couple times a week, I've been dealing with him for over 3 years, but since I started this new job a couple months ago I'm finding that he's much harder to deal with now. He came in today and payed for his coffee and I gave him his change, well he started barking at me that i skimmed him a penny...i told him that i didn't have one, so he goes and "you've skimmed me enough of them so many times since I've come here you owe me a nickle or rather a dime no wait a quarter..." I didn't give him anything. he takes his coffee and sits down, once i start doing something else he comes back and starts barking at me again about not giving him his $5 bill. "I know I gave it to you, cause i put your change on top of it, like i always do"
"No you didn't" he said
"Yes I did" I answered
"Then where did I put it?" he asked me, how am i supposed to know where he put his money.
"I placed it on the counter afterwards I don't know what you did it" I replied, then he went on about the change again.

(sorry its been bugging the hell out of me practically all day.)

I had a total Nano moment today at work, my boss told me to make up this sign for some things he was putting on sale. So i get the paper and permanent marker and just as i get started I realized i spelt the first word wrong. So I redo it and I did it again, after the third try and third paper I finally got it done. When my coworker showed up I told her about it and said that if it looked wrong than to redo it.

(Day 3)
Here we go day 3. On my way home from work i got all excited since the first scene that I get to write today is my first action scene in the book. Its not a huge scene, but lets just say my protagonist gets to kick a cocky guys ass. I was also thinking about the crazy quirks that I gave my characters and thought to myself what would happen if I were to mix them up and change quirks with different characters. So I was so highly tempted to try and see what would happen, I couldn't help but try it today. I don't really know how to describe on how the story turned out today, but I know that it was a lot of fun mixing up my characters. I may leave them the way they originally were or keep them this way after the mix up, I'll wait and see what I do tomorrow with them.

What do you do about troublesome customers? Did you do something out of the ordinary with your writing?

Words Written Today:  2,839
Total Word Count:  11,000

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  1. Sorry about the customer. I feel like all you can do with some people is just deal with it the way you did. Getting all "Randall Graves" on the situation never works out. (Clerks reference, in case you didn't get it.)

    And if we're doing a post every day about NaNo, don't worry about it not being 100% about your writing. Sometimes you gotta vent otherwise your writing's gonna suffer. Plus (and I mean this in the nicest way) it's fun to watch other peoples' misery as an outsider. :D

    You're doing awesome and I raise my mug to you for tearing it up literarilly (that's a word) and for dealing with the penny pinchers of the world.