Saturday, 17 November 2012

A mixed up day, what a new idea

So I did something that I normally never do, I mixed up my schedule for work, I thought I had to work 9am-1pm when I really had to work 1pm-6pm. I'm usually very good about it, I don't make those kinds of mistakes, I figure it must have been that I normally do morning shifts on Saturday so that's why I was mixed up. I asked my coworker that first brought this mistake to my eyes when she got to the store, not to say anything to the boss since I know he would never let me forget it, what does she do? Not only did she tell the boss but she told the manager as well, and both of them bugged me about it and my co-worker stood on the other side of the store laughing while they did it.

I finally ended that really crappy fight scene (I've never been good writing them), I realized that while I was writing that I was causing my MC to pass out and she did. I've tried going back once again and looking at what originally sparked this retake on my original story, but my muse just isn't biting. I've decided that I'm going to try and work on my second story as it seemed to be going much better than this one. I think that this one definitely needs to be one of those stories that you have to plot out all the way to the end before writing (which is something I never do).

While I'm writing this evening my brain decided to meet a new muse and this muse was completely different then what I was expecting. Sure the idea its self is what I normally write, but its the fact that I'm busy getting my first story on the right track before it derails into some unknown world and I don't know how to get it back. Then this new idea comes along from a new direction and now both are coming to a fork in the tracks and have to fight over who is going first and who has to wait.

Yes I am aware I was referring to my muses as if they were trains, and I apologize to anyone who has trouble understanding the references.

Words Written Today: 1,315
Total Word Count: 52,600

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