Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A mistake, the weather and an Idea

Well today proved to be an interesting day, I made one large mistake today at work and I'm hoping that my manager managed to fix it. Other than that it was my typical day of work.

Even with all this snow on the ground I found the effort to walk home, I was kind of lucky though as the snow was melting so it was really slushy. The wind was cold, but the sun was warm which it made a nice day for a walk especially before the weather gets worse.

So I've practically written nothing today and its already 9pm *cries* I just haven't been able to focus today. My story took an odd twist once again, for some odd reason I have this idea of bringing in pirates, but I'm thinking that it may have something to do with my MC being on a ship right now. I'll figure that out later, I decided that I'll start writing from when she gets off the boat and write teh ship scenes for later once I figure out if and what shall happen during the journey.

My sister talked me into attending the write in tomorrow evening, which I really don't want to go to, but she wants to give me something so I'm pretty much forced to go. Oh well if I'm lucky maybe she'll buy me something either to snack on or maybe even dinner, she would stay for the write in but she has a meeting for work at 7pm that she has to attend. I'm certain however that I'm going to get tones of writing done tomorrow since I don't have to work on Friday so I can stay up late after the write in and keep writing.

Have you ever been talked into something you wanted to do? Have you ever had random things pop up in your mind for a story?

Words Written Today: 499
Total Word Count: 47,957

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