Sunday, 30 September 2012

It's almost October

Well September is over and October is on its way. Which means its time to start plotting for Nano and like most years I have a couple of ideas going through my head, its just getting them down on paper so I can start plotting and doing any researching that I may have to do.

I'm also an acting ML this year for my region, so I am working really hard at getting all that work done as well. I am planning ahead and writing all my regional emails a head of time so its one less thing for my to worry about, when the time comes for me to have to send them.

I'm a little worried though, as I haven't done any writing in the past couple of months. I think it could be due to the fact that November is only a month away and that I don't want to start something that Ill have to stop working on the second nano begins. But who knows it could be that I simply need to think about the last scene that I wrote and how I'm going to continue on from there.

Last year I aimed to write 75k and I didn't quite make it last year, so this year my goal once again is 75k if not more. This year I even planned ahead and took of the 1st of the month and a couple other days so that I could do nothing but write. I'm also working on getting my coffee cards reloaded for the month and stocking up on Monster & Rockstars as I found that they work wonders, for keeping me going just as much as my large extra sweet double long mocha's did the year before. 

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