Saturday, 11 August 2012

Another brick wall

So here we are in August, and sorry to say that CampNaNoWriMo didn't happen this year, I know it's still early in the month and I could try shooting out some words for it, but I'm to busy right now with work.

On the up side I've been busy writing and editing a new supernatural story, and in my head its going well, but my critique group would say otherwise. I rewrote chapter 1, after hearing what they had said and agreed with most of everything as I did leave out some crucial points that would help the story line a lot more than what I originally had. I sent it to the group once again showing all the changes I had made, but since the way I edit is to retype the entire chapter each time, instead of trying to search for the part where I'm to add all the new information. The only downside about the rewritten chapter is that they informed me that I forgot to include some of the other information that I originally had, and of course the only information that I could think of at that point was Oops. I am thankful for all the help that my critique group is giving me, even if its only the little bits that they noticed, and that I have to leave note's at the beginning or ending of each chapter explaining somethings, but that's mainly since I know a couple of them continuously ask me "what do you mean by this or what does this mean?" this way its explained, and I don't have to go over it. On the down side this story has hit another brick wall, and I can't seem to find my sludge hammer anywhere, so there went my hope of breaking down that wall.

On a side note, not only have I been busy writing this new story, but I've been busy reading fanfiction on my off time, and I'm sorry to say that its inspired me to write my own. So guess what I've been doing for the past week and a half.