Monday, 1 April 2013

Camp in April

So I made a decision last month, one I've tried to do in the past but have yet to succeed at, but i'm going to try again. After talking to a couple of my friends the convinced me to take part in Camp Nano, my biggest challenge is going to be my focus as I know that in November I'm fine i can focus on my writing and stay connected to my characters all the time, but normally the rest of the year if concentration is lacking. I don't really know the reason behind it, it just happens.

Since I made the decision closer to the end of the month, I didn't really have much time to plot anything out, which really worried me. I'm not the type of person that has to plot everything out (unless the story is one that has to be), but i normally at least have some kind of simple outline of characters and the setting and a brief idea of what the climax is to be. The more I found myself panicking of not having anything like that and the end of the month coming quickly, I found myself talking to one of my friends saying that I may not take part in April due to lack of an idea. She suggested I try doing a prompt table, I've done one before and I was amazed by the different prompts that were on it, some were challenging to write, while others were easy and some I just couldn't come up with an idea for.

In the end I agreed and since only two Bingo tables were doing sign ups at the time, both being similar I signed up for one and got my card the next day. I told myself that I wanted to make it challenging so I decided that I would combine my card with another one, I wrote out a list and then asked a friend to pick 25 numbers between 1 and 55 (since that was how many prompts I had written down) without repeating one. She willingly agreed after she picked the numbers that were surprisingly not in numerical order, I began filling them in on a table. To make it an even bigger challenge this month I decided that I wouldn't write a single original fic for any of the prompts (yes you read that right, this month is strictly fanfics) and I wouldn't preplan any of them.

At 12am on the first I looked at my table for the first time since I had got and made the table, I randomly picked one of the prompts and started writing. By the end of the first day I had managed to not only write just over 4k but I was almost finished writing the first draft of the story. I'm actually very proud of that, as most of my first draft short stories are more like 500 words to 1,500k, so 4k is quiet the defeat, even more so since its a fandom.

It's now the beginning of the second and I'm finished the story, and picking out the next prompt(s) to begin the next story and i'm hoping that this one goes as well as the last.

*crosses fingers* Here's to hoping that this month goes better then my first attempt at Camp back in 2011, which went horribly, since I couldn't focus in the least.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

A really good scare!!

I got a good scare last night. I was sitting back reading when my phone rang. It was my dad, which surprised me as he only calls around my b-day. I answered and he told me that my grandpa had a heart attack at 12:30 am that morning. In that moment I thought my heart stopped, I dropped my book.

He informed me that grandpa had a heart attack that was caused by a blood clog in his heart. As my heart began to break down and i could feel the tears welling up in my eyes, he then decided to tell me that he was admitted to the hospital. At that point I wanted to scream, why didn't he tell me that part first?

I got a call earlier today from him, saying that my grandpa is doing better to the point that he was joking around with the nurses in the hospital. I smiled at that, he's the type of guy that likes to kid and joke around a little with people.

A part of me feels heart broken knowing that we could have lost him. I know he won't be around forever and I accept that, I'm hoping and praying that he'll be around for a while longer. My older sister and I discussed making a trip out to see him in the summer. I've decided that starting tomorrow (pay day) that I'm going to start putting money away every pay week, to go towards the trip as it'll cost $460 (if I remember correctly that was both ways). I'm positive that if I stick to my savings for the trip, by the time it comes I should have the cost of the ticket, food and extra.

Knowing that he's doing better I'm trying to finish reading this book tonight. Wish me luck.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Work and a Xmas belated dinner

Last night we had our Christmas party for work. We went to a small little restraunt that specializes in BBQ, and everything we had was really good. The boss ordered two large platters, one of ribs and fries and the second of pull pork. We even got corn bread, which was a bit dried but good all the same.

We pulled names from a hat a week ago, to do a gift exchange. I got my boss, for the entire week I didn't really know what to get him. On Friday after work I went to look around acouple of small shops to see if I could find something I thought he would like. After leaving a couple of places, I was about to give up when I spotted something that he would like and I thought that if he didn't use it then his wife probably would.

I got him a small shelf with some tea light candle holders and I picked up a small blank canvas from the dollar store. After painting for an hour, I completed the picture on the canvas.

When the boss opened them, he was surprised by the painting as was his wife. When he opened the other gift he was just as surprised with it. Him and his wife thought it was a great gift as they needed a new candle holders as the ones they had broke during the week.

Sorry I ranted on about last night. I really did have a lot of fun.

Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Years!!

Okay I know I said I would do a post before today, and I didn't. To be fair not only did it slip my mind but I've been a little busy and New Years day isn't going to be a relaxing for me either. Why you ask, well that's simple I promised I would help my oldest sister move on the first, not that I really want to, but I'm going to all the same. That doesn't mean that I'm not going to not celebrate tonight, oh no I'm going to celebrate all the same and yes by celebrate I do mean by drinking. In fact I just finished a bottle of schnopps a few minutes ago, and next up is a bottle of Bacardi. No I'm not an alcholic, in fact I only drink 3 times out of the year.

First being my birthday, second Canada day and third New Years.

Okay as for my New Years resolutions, I've only come up with a couple which I figure is a good start.

  1. Start saving for University (again)
  2. Finish Rise of the Auric Astral (that means the 1st draft and editing the first round; if i can start the second draft that would be good to)
  3. Get completely caught up on all my tv series (that's a challenge in a half as I'm always adding new tv shows to the list)
  4. Write at least 5 short stories (I'd be happy if they were fan fiction, since it would at least be something)
  5. Spending more time with family (probably do this one in the warmer months as it'll be easier for me to get around)
Well that's the short list, normally its around 10. If I add any more to it I'm sure I'll post them with the others.

And on a side note, as for my work on Rise of the Auric Astral (its still sitting where I last left it, hoping to do some plotting in January.) Wish me luck.

Happy New Years everyone!!!

What did you do to celebrate? Have you made your resolutions yet?

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Belated Happy Holidays!

I know I haven't posted anything since the 11th and for that I apologize, I've been working like crazy these past few weeks. I don't think my schedule will be returning to normal at any time soon.

I was planning on posting something before Christmas but, it came and went before I knew it. I'm going to try and post something before the New Year, I don't know what the topic is going to be.

This Xmas was a busy one, normally I find it a bit more laid back, but this year everything and everyone seemed to be more rushed. I hope next year it's a bit more laid back and I'm not just talking about at work, but also with the family.

This year was hard on my family as this was the first Christmas without my Grandpa who passed this day last year. We all agreed to do what we thought was best and that was to celebrate like we always did when he was with us, and from what I could tell that was the right decision.

How did your Christmas go?

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Couple weeks of relaxing

Since the end of November I decided to take a couple of days to sit back and relax. I didn't really do anything except watch a couple of movies otherwise my days off from work were the days I ended up being lazy. I even came up with a new story idea, but I still have to plot it all out. I want to finish the first draft of my main novel from last month, but in doing that I have to get myself  back into the writing mood.

I seemed to finally get over my writers block that seems to have plagued me since the end of November. I realized that I had this block due to the fact that I found myself not being able to write, as such I managed to get my reading caught up, since I stopped reading last month. I got over this block as my novel Rise of Auric Astral popped up in my mind this evening and since I didn't finish it I thought I would humor myself and try to work on it.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Challenges Have Started

So a couple of the days ago, a friend of mine in Australia dared me to write 2 Christmas stories before the 25th. Not a couple hours later did another friend of mine dare me to write one for a specific fandom. Since its me and I don't know how to say no to a challenge, of course I agreed to do all 3 of them. Not only do I have to have them written by the due date but I also need them edit'd beta'd and posted on that day as well, I have my work cut out for me I think.

I'm having a really big problem of getting started on them, since I don't normally write stories for this season, it proves to be an even bigger challenge. I'm sure I'll figure something out, worse comes to worse I'll be writing song fics which I really don't want to do.

Have you ever been challenged to write something? Was it something that you normally write or was it something that you normally would never touch?